SBRHS allows all staff, faculty and students to utilize the FollowMePrint service for printing. This service is the default printer for printing from any school computer or Chromebook located within the school building. Once the print job has been submitted, staff and faculty can go to any of the Toshiba printers located throughout the school building, enter their printer code and retrieve their print job. Students are limited to printing in the Media Center (Library), room 128 and room 220. 

Retrieving printer code

  1. Log into any school computer or Chromebook
  2. Open a web browser
  3. In the address bar type: https://sbrxenups:9192/user
  4. Depending on the browser being used, you may receive one of the following messages.
    • Google Chrome - "Your connection is not private"
      • Click Advanced
      • Click Proceed to sbrxenups (unsafe)
    • Mozilla Firefox - "Your connection is not private"
      • Click Advanced
      • Click Add exception
      • Click Confirm exception
  5. Login with your computer/network login (not your gmail/email account login)
  6. Enter your computer/network password 
  7. You can now view your Printer code. You can generate a new code. You cannot create your own code.
  8. When done, click Log Out.